An Open Letter

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Dear Friends, Partners, and Customers of Find Live Theatre:  

We hope you and your families and friends are safe and secure during this unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis.

As we continue to steer through these exceptionally challenging times, we are reminded of the countless, dedicated healthcare staffers who work tirelessly against the invisible enemy. We are deeply grateful for those professionals who endeavor to protect us by placing themselves in danger every day – Thank you!

COVID-19 vs. Live Theatre

While everyone is uniquely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, these are profoundly difficult moments for our Michigan-based theatre community. Aside from the general “shelter in place” challenges, our beloved live theatre venues and theatre-makers continue to face significant hardship and insecurity.

It is not enough to acknowledge the resolution to cancel individual performances or the entire production season as being an extremely difficult decision. It is the substantial uncertainty of not knowing when any theatre activities will resume, or what theatre will look like when life returns to normal, which invokes feelings of despair and hopelessness.

While your current performance activities and facilities are rendered dormant, please know that you are not alone. We, at Find Live Theatre, join you, shoulder-to-shoulder, on our common journey during this immense struggle.

At Find Live Theatre, we are focused to do our part in support of Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order. To uphold our end, we chose to capitalize on our new availability by developing a plan to improve our website and social media platforms. But first, for those who have not engaged with us, you may wonder: “What is Find Live Theatre”?

We Are Small Business Owners and Theatre-makers too…

In 2017, we established Find Live Theatre as a family-owned and operated theatre promotion company, and we genuinely enjoy what we do. To demonstrate our respect and admiration for you as theatre-makers, we exist to provide the finest online and social media platforms in support of all Michigan-based theatres. But as a family, Find Live Theatre represents only a segment of our passion for theatre.

Aside from our small business, our family’s involvement in local theatre is significant, and our shared experiences are worth noting. From scenic design, stagehand work and theatre advertising, our family also serves as actors, producers, and audience members. We have purchased performance rights and returned rented backdrops. We have built entire stage sets and led set strikes. We have held auditions and hosted cast parties, and much like you, theatre is what we do. And exactly like you, we feel tremendous loss as a result of this vicious virus.

So… what is next?

Since we built our small, online presence to serve you and your theatre pursuits, we are driven to keep Find Live Theatre viable, creative, and user-friendly… and patiently waiting for your return.

First, we are fiscally responsible, so the net result is that we are here, open, and will maintain our status as a reliable, virtual resource. Our financial obligations will continue to be met, and we will persevere together.

Next, we improved our website considerably, and expanded our purpose by providing the following enhancements:  

  • We removed the fee required to exhibit your show / event posters / flyers for advertising.
  • We improved our Submission Form by expanding the area to accept Event Descriptions.
  • We added capabilities to display participant age requirements and event activity fees.
  • We provide our audience with listings of relevant “Acting Tips”.

And our family is standing by, ready to serve and support you and your theatre-making pursuits, wherever they lead us.  

Waiting for our call to “Places,” signaling the start of our mutual Second Act…

We recognize that these are genuinely strange and unpredictable times. But please know that Find Live Theatre is confident that you and your theatre family will emerge from this crisis more determined, grateful, and creative.

If you have any specific questions, content suggestions, survival stories or thoughts for inspiration, please reach-out and let us know. In the meantime, we are here for you when the time is right.

With Respect and Gratitude, we humbly remain,

The Bennett Family / Find Live Theatre, LLC  

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