An Open Letter

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Dear Friends, Partners, and Customers of Find Live Theatre:                        

We hope you, your families, and your friends continue to remain safe and well during these community health challenges.  Who would have believed that more than eighteen months would pass, and we would still be facing unprecedented times of uncertainty and discontent?

For those who continue to serve the public as dedicated healthcare staffers and scientists, we extend our admiration and appreciation, as we are all profoundly grateful - Thank you!

COVID-19 vs. Live Theatre

To our Michigan theatre Partners who continue to plan for an optimistic future, please know that you are not alone in your efforts to regain invaluable theatre stability.  Your friends at Find Live Theatre are with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, together on our common journey toward normalcy.

While everyone has been uniquely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, these remain difficult and tenuous times for our Michigan-based theatre community. While our beloved live theatre venues and dedicated theatre-makers slowly evolve toward live performance schedules, many theatrical organizations still face substantial hardship and uncertainty.

At Find Live Theatre, we are determined to do our part in support of you, our theatre friends.

But first, for those who have not engaged with us previously, you may wonder:

“What is Find Live Theatre”?

We Are Small Business Owners and Theatre-makers too…

In 2017, we established Find Live Theatre as a Bennett family owned and operated theatre promotion company, and we genuinely love what we do. To demonstrate our respect and admiration for you as theatre-makers, we are determined to provide the finest online and social media platforms in support of all Michigan-based theatres and live performances.  But as a family, Find Live Theatre represents only a segment of our passion for theatre.

Aside from our small business, our family’s involvement in local theatre is significant, and our shared experiences are worth noting.  From scenic design, stagehand work and theatre advertising, our family also serves as actors and producers.  We have purchased performance rights and returned rented backdrops.  We have built entire stage sets and led set strikes.  We have held auditions and hosted cast parties, and much like you, theatre is what we do.  And exactly like you, we cannot wait to share in the intimacy that only live theatre can provide.

How has COVID affected Find Live Theatre?

Since we built our small, online presence to serve you and your theatre pursuits, we are driven to keep Find Live Theatre viable, creative, and user-friendly. 

Despite numerous challenges, we are committed to fiscal responsibility.  Our financial obligations will continue to be met so we can persevere together.  The result is that we are open and available to you as a reliable, virtual resource for all theatre lovers, theatre makers, and theatre patrons throughout Michigan. 

Next, we consciously work to improve our website and expand our purpose to better serve your needs.  For example:

  • We removed the fee required to exhibit your show / event posters / flyers for advertising.
  • We improved our Submission Form by expanding the area to accept Event Descriptions.
  • We added capabilities to display participant age requirements and event activity fees.
  • We provide our audience with listings of relevant “Acting Tips.”
  • We advertise virtual productions in response to the current trends and audience expectations.

And finally, our family is standing by, ready to serve and support you and your theatre-making pursuits, wherever they may lead us.  

Waiting for our anticipated call to Places…

Please know that the Bennett family and Find Live Theatre remain confident that you and your theatre family will emerge from the COVID crisis more determined, thoughtful, and appreciative.  We are cheering from the wings for your triumphant return, and we are grateful to you and the work you do.  

If you have any specific questions, or if we can promote your classes, auditions, and performances, please reach-out and let us know. 

In the meantime, we are here for you when the time is right.

With Respect and Gratitude, we humbly remain,

The Bennett Family / Find Live Theatre, LLC




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